Introduction of Audiology:

Audiology is the mixture of two different words, Audio and Logy, where audio means hear, and logy means to study. The branch of medical science that concerned with the hearing sense. The study of hearing, hearing disorders, balance, or neural systems is a term named audiology. Diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment are all involved in the audiology branch.

It’s a branch that deals to serve humanity when it comes to a basic sense of human; Hearing!

Brief history of Audiology:

A brief history of audiology:

Many scientists contribute as much as they can in medical fields, especially in audiology. Miller Reese Hutchison invented the earliest Electronic hearing aids in 1898, Akouphone. Two scientists Schwartz in 1920 and later on Fletcher in 1926, made an instrument for hearing loss measurement, Audiometers. Brey and Weaver presented cochlear microphonic potentials, and many more scientists served much for this broad field.

Audiology gets broader when scientists keep working on it. It got more boost in the 1940s due to noise-induced hearing loss. A modern and automatic audiometer came into existence in 1947. Later on, William House, in 1969, discovered cochlear implantation in adults and the memoranda of infant cochlear implants.

Auditory potentials descriptions evoked by a scientist, Jewett, in 1970. The whole academy came into existence in 1977 that started a course of doctor of audiology. ASHA was organized in 1978 as this is the American Speech and Hearing Association. Plus, Kemp, in 1978, founded otoacoustic emission.

New practitioners since 2007 started working correctly in the audiology field and made it a proper profession by implementing hearing studies. Yet, it becomes one of the topmost opting careers with a higher scope of practice.

Field of audiology practice:

Audiology has become one of the highest-paid jobs these days. This profession can deal with children, adults, aged and get a high mainstream population for practice. In 2017, audiology was the top profession that can provide an elite life with good standards and a high salary package. Its growth is increasing day by day as it reaches 13% after 2019. People are highly contacting with hearing loss issues due to many factors such as age, genetics, infection, and many more. Therefore, audiologists are in high demanded these days.

Audiology study can help give clinical training to the young blood and earn money. The study of balance disorders, hearing loss, and all kinds of hearing dysfunctions make a high-charged audiologist.

Audiology professionals are an independent practitioner who gives medical condition (hearing loss) services at hospitals. Yet, they can provide their services in clinics, private practices, or wherever they want. Not only this, they have a license to work in schools or personal care stores. When people feel a minor hearing irritation, they have to diagnose by audiologists. If they are diagnosed with any specific type of hearing loss, they need treatment, and yet still audiologist helps them out for proper treatment.

Hence, the study of audiology is high in demand and offers a broader scope of practice to establish.