Dental implant is mainly done to replace a bridge or when there is tooth loss. It is a bit complicated procedure as there is a need to place it in your jaw. It is a permanent fix thus promote better solution than other dental options. Your dentist suggests the best kind of dental implants after examining your dental health.

Types of dental implant:

  • Endosteal implant: The implant is placed into the jawbone. The surgeon will use dental surgical tool to implant jawbone. This kind of implant is mainly beneficial for people having removable dentures and bridges.
  • Sub – periosteal implant: It is fixed at the top of the jawbone. It helps the metal post to hold the prosthesis. It is suggested for people having low bone height and can’t avail for Endosteal implant.

More about the sedation methods used for dental implant:

The surgeon while processing dental implants prefer to have dental sedation administered to their patient. There are few kinds of sedation applied like IV sedation or the common laughing gas. It is usually given for minor surgery process. Local anesthesia is given where the patient remains awake however the part of the mouth subjected to dental treatment remain numb.

It depends upon multiple factors to opt for the sedation applied for the patient. You can visit the official website of famous dentists in Texas, Orion Dental Specialists. Their website is the best source to provide you all the detail information about dental implants.

In the present times for complicated dental surgery, IV sedation is more preferred as it is effective and promotes negligible side effects. It is a general anesthesia where the patient loses their consciousness and isn’t aware of the dental surgery process till it gets complete. The sedation dentistry has given high importance to this type of sedation for varied reasons.

Here are the reasons for preferring IV sedation:

  • It is effective, and thus the patient is not uncomfortable. The sedation is injected in your bloodstream, so it is more effective, takes few seconds to show its effects and is safe.
  • It reduces the pain and prevents the patient feeling anxiety.
  • You can finish the whole implant process at one go as the sedation effects last long.
  • It minimizes your cost of dental implantation as there is no need to visit dentist again and again.
  • The dental implant process is complete in a short time period.

More about IV sedation:

Your dentist administers this sedation in the presence of anesthesiologist. The breathing tube is used for safety measures. It is to ensure that the patient’s oxygen intake isn’t low. The patient needs to have somebody to take them back home and need to get bed rest till the odd jittery feeling fully minimizes.

The sedation helps during surgery as your gums and jaw will feel sore as they are cut open to fix the metal post. You won’t feel the pain while you are sedated. You need a highly trained sedative dentistry well versed in providing any kind of sedation. Sedation of any kind isn’t a problem as it is given after checking the patient’s medical history and their age.

Hence, don’t be nervous while your skilled emergency dentist administers sedation to start dental implant surgery.